Other Agencies & Organizations

American Red Cross – The Red Cross helps keep people safe—every day as well as in an emergency—thanks to caring people who support our work in the community.

ASIS – American Society of Industrial Security. ASIS is to Security world what CAER is to EHS world.

Barclays (all Code of California Regulations, CCRs, online)

Beach Cities CAER

Contra Costa County CAER

Earthquake Country
This web service provides information about what we should know about earthquake basics, why we should care about earthquakes in Southern California, and what we can do before earthquakes happen to prepare and protect ourselves and our belongings, and during and after to be safe and recover quickly.

Emergency Relief– Conditions Affecting Santa Barbara County

National Weather Service

Latest Earthquake Information (USGS)

Flood Information

Highway and Roads Information (Cal-Trans)

Environmental Professional’s Virtual Desktop – This page is dedicated strictly to mining the ‘Net for Environmental Professionals.

Hazardous Materials Information

Cornell University material safety data sheets for hazardous chemicals

Environmental Protection Agency material safety data sheets for hazardous chemicals

University of Ohio, Akron material safety data sheets for hazardous chemicals

Madison County Alabama CAER

National Archives (all Code of Federal Regulations, CFRs, and Federal Registers online)

Northeast Region CAER

Toronto West CAER

Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) Inventory – You may search on the basis of CAS Registry Number, Former CAS Number(s), Preferred CA Index Name, Molecular Formula or Submitter Name(s).

Wildland Residents Association, Inc. San Marcos Pass VFD