Industrial Mutual Aid Plan

An Executive Summary and Introduction
The purpose of the Industrial Mutual Aid Plan (Plan) is to establish a vehicle for Santa Barbara County CAER member companies to provide and receive emergency mutual aid assistance. This is accomplished by establishing a common communication system among participants. The Plan provides procedures for the industrial sector to effectively request resources, thus reducing down time, and the ability to communicate with response agencies.

Mutual aid is a common practice for governmental response agencies such as Fire and Police Departments. The SB County CAER Industrial Mutual Aid Group is a voluntary emergency response cooperative of member companies. Any member of the group may elect to volunteer assistance to another member upon their request for aid during an emergency. The Plan contains an Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to formalize the willingness of member companies to assist one another during emergencies to the extent they are capable, without jeopardizing emergency response at their own facility.

Participation in this Plan is voluntary. No member is obligated to release equipment, material or personnel if it elects not to do so. Members participating in this Plan should ensure the adequacy of their own resources before providing another member with mutual aid. This Plan does not obligate a member to provide mutual aid if it is unable to do so. Resources released pursuant to this Plan are made at the sole discretion of the management of each participant.

Important aspects of the SB County CAER Industrial Mutual Aid Plan The previous MOU included these participants;

  • University of California Santa Barbara
  • Santa Barbara Research Corporation
  • Raytheon
  • Alcon Surgical
  • Safety Kleen Corporation
  • Applied Magnetics
  • Delco Systems Operations
  • Hendry Telephone Products
  • Direct Relief International
  • Mobil Exploration and Production